Homeless father and son
RECOVERY from mental illness is possible ... with safe and affordable housing and appropriate supports.

Affordable housing for the mentally ill

Since there is a shortage of affordable housing for the people with mental illness, the Government should expand the number of safe, affordable independent housing units in order make recovery possible.


The Federal Government should increase the funding for provincial governments and non-profit groups to provide housing for the mentally ill.

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Subsumption test

Subsumption test

This test involves exploring the interrelationship of principles. When there is strong disagreement about a value decision due to disagreement over the applicability of a principle, it might be necessary to prioritise principles.

Supoose a church, which is committed to an active outreach program to address social justice issues such as homelessness, is facing a budget shortfall in a world wide recession. An increasing number of families are homeless and will be so for years to come due to the massive recession. The church will need to cut back on its operating budget or on its outreach program. Which option is most important for the church to live its Christian mandate?

This dilemma might challenge the church members to review their principles and might even lead to reprioritising them.

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