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What is required for a person to deserve a reward?

Ordinarily,a person does not deserve a reward for having done a morally good act,that is,for an act which is right and was done from morally good motives or from a desire to do one’s duty. For example,a person normally does not deserve a reward

  1. for acting from morally good motives alone.
  2. for deliberately not doing something which is a wrong act. For example,a child is not rewarded for not throwing snowballs at cars on the street.
  3. for being a morally good agent,that is a person who has a disposition to do what is right. For example,a person is not rewarded for having a disposition to assist first graders button up their coats.
  4. for doing his duty. If he did his duty from a sense of duty instead of from fear of punishment,he might deserve approval but,normally,not a reward.

People seem to deserve rewards only for the two situations

  1. person performs a difficult duty which many people frequently fail to perform
  2. when a person does something which is beyond the call of duty.

In summary,it would seem that in most situations people do not deserve anything more than approval.


Did Arthur deserve a reward?

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