Homeless father and son
RECOVERY from mental illness is possible ... with safe and affordable housing and appropriate supports.

Affordable housing for the mentally ill

Since there is a shortage of affordable housing for the people with mental illness,the Government should expand the number of safe,affordable independent housing units in order make recovery possible.


The Federal Government should increase the funding for provincial governments and non-profit groups to provide housing for the mentally ill.

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Not all right acts are just but all just acts are right.

First,here are the conditions that must be fulfilled for an act to be morally right:

  • The person must be a moral person –wanting to do what is the right thing to do
  • The person must be capable of assuming responsibility for his action.
  • The person must have freedom of the will.

Second,here are the conditions that must be fulfilled for an act to be just:

  • An act of impartiality which is one’s duty to do
  • Recognize a person’s rights to an object of interest
  • Act from a morally good motive – a desire to do what is the right thing to do
  • Giving a person what he deserves

From this comparison,it is evident that the three conditions that have to be met for an act to be morally right are shared by both – ‘right’ and ‘justice’. However,the list of conditions for an act to be just includes tree additional conditions. Let me illustrate the difference with the following story.

Emma’s Story – Just and Right Action

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