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Special – Fallen Soldier

Canada and the world were shocked this week by the brazen shooting of a Canadian soldier at our National War Memorial and an armed assault on our seat of government. These tragic events cry out for immediate and drastic action to ensure this never happens again. And based on what we know so far, the most effective intervention would be …

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Often the best therapy is a job.

Go to this pp presentation to learn more about a career internship program …

Career Internship Program – Presentation – PFMH



Having an income to buy decent food and maintain a safe place to live is a priority for people who experience mental illness … yet they suffer the highest level of unemployment of any group with disabilities.

Read the following story about a soldier suffering from PTSD – “Helping soldiers transition from combat to civilian life.” ClickHERE.

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Read what David Brooks of the New York Times has to say on how young people today answer questions about right and wrong. He based the article on a study conducted in 2008 by the Notre Dame sociologist Christian Smith who led a research team that conducted in-depth interviews with 230 young adults from across America. – Click HERE.



How do you feel right now when your Falling Apart. ClickHEREto listen to this video.


Just Image

Just Imagine

“Imagine a world where saying “I have schizophrenia” can be said as openly as “I have diabetes”

Imagine a world where parents could freely share with a neighbour that their son was in the psychiatric ward as they could if their son was in the hospital cancer ward.

Imagine a world where employers and colleagues supported workers who have had a breakdown as they would someone who had been in a car accident.

Imagine a world where landlords and other tenants would welcome a neighbour who had a psychiatric disability as they would someone in a wheelchair or with a guide dog.

Imagine a world that made mental health research, treatment and community supports a priority for society.

Imagine a world where people have the hope to ask for treatment and support to recover from mental illness.”

Ross Taylor

Highlights about mental illness.

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Give a Healing Hand to a person with mental illness.

Support the Recovery Program at Coast Mental Health …

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The donations are forwarded to Coast Mental Health to provide a housing supplement to one person in transition from dependent to independent living.